Color War

How to play

» Press the flag to play this splendid game. Don't use full screen if you want to avoid lag!
» Press that "Play" button to start the battle!
» If you don't want sound, press the "sound" button to turn sound on/off. You can press "M" when you're playing to turn sound on/off.
» Use the arrow keys/WASD to move your tank to avoid the color balls of your enemies.
» Aim and shoot with your mouse and try to defeat your enemies!
» If you want to take a break and play the game later but without losing all your score, press the letter "P" on your keyboard to pause the game. Press it again to continue playing.
»Have fun!
» Your score is on the top-left corner but if you're very focused on the game check your score when you lose :)


In Color War you will have to survive while the evil enemy tanks try to defeat you.

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